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Our Beliefs

about what we do, how we do it, and why:

  1. Perfect mutual trust is the foundation on which a successful advisor/client relationship is built.  We propose to earn our clients' trust by telling them the pure, undiluted truth at all times.
  2. A true advisory relationship, and the basis for an investment portfolio, begins with a plan.  It may be as simple as a retirement income plan, or as in-depth as a comprehensive financial and estate plan, but some sort of plan is the only way we can successfully relate to one another.  
  3. We believe the smartest investments are those that are long-term and, given that belief, the only sane definition of money is purchasing power.  Currency loses some of its purchasing power every day due to inflation and, as a result, you must invest your money with the purpose of maintaining and/or enhancing your purchasing power. 
  4. Investing in equities, which is taking partial ownership of companies throughout the US and the rest of the World, has historically been more effective than investing in bonds and other fixed income investments at preserving and potentially enhancing purchasing power. 
  5. Investors have historically shown to underperform the markets, not because of security selection and performance associated with those selections, but because of investor behavior.  Thus, our biggest value-add is as a behavioral coach.  
  6. The economy, the markets and future relative performance of similar investments can't consistently be predicted, much less timed.  But that is alright, because compared to the way your assets are allocated and the behavioral advice we provide, those variables are almost irrelevant.  In practice, the only way to capture the full permanent return of equities is to be willing to sit through their temporary volatility.
  7. The value you receive from our services is worth multiples of our annual fee, which essentially covers two things: 1) Your Personal Financial Plan, and 2)  Behavioral Management.  We also assist with portfolio design and selection, portfolio monitoring and reporting, and ongoing service. 
  8. Uncertainty is the only thing we can be certain of, which we believe to be especially true when it comes to the markets.  Thus, we counsel our clients on being rational during uncertain times. 
  9. We believe that long-term optimism is the best approach to long-term investing.  We invest in the great companies of the world with the belief that their continual advances in their respective sectors will not only lead to a better world, but will also help you reach your long-term financial goals.